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Suffolk’s Video Library  Features Award-Winning Stories As the power of video messaging continues to grow, we invite you to visit our video library at for a range of compelling stories about students, alumni, active and retired

50 Years of Nursing

The nursing profession has witnessed many changes over the past 50 years. Empowered by technology, today’s nurses are not only delivering health care but are change agents in a team-based environment that exists within today’s complex health

INFOGRAPHIC: The Community College Advantage

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Plan to Succeed

Good time management is key to reaching goals The transition into college can be tough — whether you are a recent high school graduate or a career changer. College students must learn to juggle many projects, assignments,

What’s a Parent to Do?

When a son or daughter decides to go to college, parents often find themselves in a strange new situation. They are accustomed to being informed about student grades, very involved in making school-related decisions, and quite invested

Sparking a Need for Certified Welders

When Ralph Bavaro smiles, he lights up the room. He radiates such an easygoing, affable presence that it’s hard not to grin with him. But, when he eases the mask down on his flame-laden welding helmet, his

Your Community College’s Veterans Services

Of all the counties in New York State, Suffolk County has the single largest population of returning veterans,” says Tom Ronayne, Director of Suffolk County’s Veterans Services Agency. In fact, New York State has the fifth largest


If you think that most college students are fresh out of high school, young, carefree and living at a university, you’re way behind the times.  About 9 in 10 college students today don’t fit that mold. More

Student Spotlight: Daniel Pavacic – Setting the Stage for Success

As an academically strong senior at Chaminade High School, a well-regarded Catholic school in Mineola, New York, Daniel Pavacic knew that his fellow students were applying to many of the nation’s most recognized colleges and universities. Likewise,

The Club Life: Pursuing a Passion in College

When it comes to living the full college experience, Suffolk County Community College offers something for everyone, from clubs to service organizations to athletics and more. In fact, the College has an Office of Student Affairs that

Generations of Success: The Harmer/Dargis Family

To Edward Harmer, education has always been a priority for his family. As a first-generation U.S. citizen from Malta, Mr. Harmer chose Suffolk County Community College to further his career as an engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory

Accredited Programs of Study

Prepare to enter the fast-paced world of BUSINESS with a degree from Suffolk. PROGRAMS IN BUSINESS Accounting Business Administration Business Administration Online Business: Marketing Business: Office Management Business: Retail Business Management Business Management Paralegal Studies From classical

  New Office for Sustainability Blossoms Under the leadership of Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Shaun L. McKay, the College has developed a new Office for Sustainability Programs. Since 2000, the College has implemented over 50

Veterinary Technology: Connecting a Passion for Animals with a Productive Career

  Does the fast pace of a medically-oriented, scientifically-grounded professional career — one targeted on the health care of animals and the welfare of people — speak to a passion in you?  If it does, then perhaps

Accredited Programs of Study

BUSINESS Accounting Business Administration Business Management Information Processing Marketing Office Management Paralegal Studies Retail Business Management COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS Communication Studies Computer Art Graphic Design Interior Design Assistant Journalism Music Photographic Imaging Radio and Television Production