Campus Conversations

The Suffolk Community College Foundation will honor the Frey family at its Gala. The Suffolk Community College Foundation will honor the Frey family of Belle Terre, New York, at the Salute to Excellence Gala being held at

Studying Abroad: The World Awaits You

Today, we live in a global world. We are bombarded with competition from abroad, businesses are increasingly focusing on global markets and technology is driving us to a converging commonality. We must be prepared for this new

Accredited Programs of Study

BUSINESS and LEGAL STUDIES Accounting Business Administration Business Administration Online Business: Marketing Business: Office Management Business: Retail Business Management Business Management Paralegal Studies COMMUNICATIONS and THE ARTS Communication Studies Communications and Media Arts: Journalism Computer Art Design (Fashion):

Flexible Scheduling Options at Suffolk

No matter what your situation, Suffolk will make college work for you.  Mix and match these scheduling options to fit your unique lifestyle. Blended The perfect balance — online and on campus. In many cases, you’ll meet

Encore Careers

Find new fulfillment in midlife and beyond. So you’ve put 20, 30 or 40 years into your career. The spark that kept you going is waning and yet you may not be financially or emotionally ready for retirement.

Rise and Shine

Get an early start on college while still in high school. I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “Early to bed, early to rise.” The same can be said for early college enrollment.  A recent study by

Growing Up Without Going Away

More college students are choosing to live with their parents. The assumption that every college freshman moves into a tiny dorm room, leaving parents and old friends behind in one fell swoop isn’t all that accurate. In

Getting Your Foot in the Door

In an economy where job seekers significantly outnumber positions, distinguishing your credentials is essential. How can you stand out from the crowd? According to online résumé service, job recruiters wade through thousands of profiles and résumés

Help Fight the War on Drugs

Become a Chemical Dependency Counselor. Today, nearly one in 10 Americans has some type of alcohol or substance use disorder, a new federal government survey finds. But only a quarter of them get the treatment they need,

Suffolk: The Savvy Choice

More than half a decade after the economic recession hit, students are “savvier shoppers” than ever before, according to the Cooperative Institutional Research Program’s (CIRP) Freshmen Survey. The annual survey is administered through the Higher Education Research

Scholarships: Making Higher Education Possible

There is a common misconception that scholarships are for valedictorians or star athletes only. In reality, there are numerous types of scholarships available to students pursuing various programs, majors and career tracks, as well as open and

Awesome Sauce: The Gulturk Sisters Discover Their Careers

If twin sisters Meltem and Sinem Gulturk of Ronkonkoma, New York, look familiar, it’s easy to understand why. Chances are you’ve seen them — and heard their catchphrase “Awesome Sauce” — in the national TV commercial for