Most students agree that the convenience and flexibility of online classes make them increasingly attractive. The ability to fit school into busy, ever-changing personal schedules is one of the many reasons people choose to learn online. Online courses can save commuting time and expense, and allow students to spend more time with their families, on the job, or dedicated to other commitments.

Online classes can offer learning opportunities through discussion boards, blogs, wikis, journaling, and Open Educational Resources (OER). Students can expect an online course to contain the same depth, breadth and rigor as an on-campus course.

Blended or hybrid courses offer a combination of both classroom and online learning. Students are expected to complete both the in-person classroom and online components of the class for successful completion of the course.

“One of the most valuable skills a student can bring to an online class is effective time management. The better you manage your time, the easier it is to achieve your goals,” says Dr. Camille Karlson, College Director of The Center for Innovative Pedagogy at Suffolk County Community College.

The College offers one certificate and multiple degree programs that are fully online: 

              4 Creative Writing Option 

              4 English Option 

              4 Philosophy Option 

  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social Science, A.A. 

              Psychology Option

              Sociology Option

In addition, there are 12 programs offered at 75% online, and an additional 10 programs offered at 50% online. A full list can be seen by clicking on Majors and Programs under Explore Academics on the Suffolk website at

It is important to be self-motivated, to have good written skills and to be able to ask for help when you need it. Online classes can be a convenient way to further your education. 

For more about online offerings at Suffolk, simply call 631-451-4111 or visit

Mary M. Feder